To Contribute for Humanity

Our Team

What we aim to do:

Bharosa Foundation is a non- profit organisation which is working towards upliftment of sports in the country. The foundation is working towards providing adequate support to underprivileged children to pursue their passion and fulfil their dream of excelling in the sport of their choice. Bharosa is building a community of like-minded people who truly believe in contributing to the society and making it a better place to live in. Bharosa Foundation believes in providing food, clothing, shelter and education to everyone.


Easy Access

You just need to move to our “Contact Us” column in order to get in touch with us and to share you views and suggestions. We are available for you 24×7.

Clothes Distribution

We provide clothes to the poverty-stricken with the help of our volunteers who collect worn out clothes from generous donors.

Education Facilities

Our aim is to provide quality education at certain doorsteps with an affordable fee structure.

Proper Documentation and Donation Certificate

Apart from maintaining good relations with our certified donators, we believe in keeping things formal with the help of proper and required documents that are to be attached in our Registration Form. We, officially, provide donation certificate to the donators as a token of gratitude.

Proof of Donation

Our very unique and different quality includes the efforts that we make to ensure the motive with which the donation has been made is fulfilled by the means of clicking pictures of both, the donator and the receiver.


We upload pictures and brief testimonies of everyone who is associated with us only with the consent of the other party. It can prove out to be a considerable opportunity for those who need exposure and are willing to serve more for our society.

Natural Calamity Relief

We find it our responsibility to stand by their side in case of any emergency of urgent requirement of support that may arise due to several reasons, natural calamity is one of them.

Our Working Committee

Rahul Bahukhandi
Sumit Saini
Vice President
Ashok Kumar
General Secretary
Rishabh Bahukhandi
Joint Secretary
Tejasav Bhatotiya
Ashish Bahukhandi
Executive Member
Saurabh Dhyani
Executive Member